Medik8 facials

Medik8 Calming facials 

A gentle and soothing professional treatment aimed at targeting inflamed, flushed, hot, irritated and highly sensitive skin using Medik8’s intelligent formulations to calm the skin and aid recovery.
Add ons can include LED light therapy or Bio – Cellulose mask sheet 

Medik8 Clarity Facials

This treatment aims to re-balance the skin. The deep cleansing actives targets problematic, oily and blemished skin to soothe, calm and restore a visibly clear and glowing complexion.

Add ons can include LED light therapy, Enzyme peel and / or  High frequency


Medik8 Deep Hydration Facial

This treatment gently exfoliate and helps to deliver nourishment to the skin. Restores vitality and hydrates dry, flaky and thirsty skin.

Add ons can include Dermaplane, Enzyme peel


Medik8 Pore Refining Facials 

This treatment helps to breakdown pore blockages by tackling the appearance of enlarged pores and promoting smoother complexion. 

Add ons can include Microneedling treatment


Medik8 Pigmentation / Even complexion facials 

A luxurious illuminating facial treatment that gently  lifts the appearance of hyperpigmentation and brightens the skin, leaving the skin complexion visibly glowing , soothing and toned.

Adds on can include Dermaplane, Ultrasonic treatment


Medik8 Platinum / Anti ageing facials 

A nourishing gentle treatment that harnesses the age defying prowess of Medik8’s anti ageing products to dramatically help in fading fine lines and wrinkles while infusing vitality and radiance to the skin.

Add ons can include Microneedling treatment, Radio frequency.