A compression and decompression lymphatic drainage massage technique, designed to improve overall circulation of blood and detoxification of toxins with the use of air pressure to stimulate the lymphatic system.

Pressotherapy is recommended for:

Cellulite treatment

Post-operative treatment

Water retention issues

Localised swelling

Pre and Post liposuction

Dispersal of fats and toxins aiding weight loss

Can be an added treatment to Cryolipolysis treatment

Oedema (fat deposits)

Blood circulation and cellular oxygenation

Body shaping and redefining figure



Deep Vein Thrombosis



Heart or Kidney disease

Pregnancy (can have treatment after birth)

Presence of pain or numbness

Acute inflammation

Thrombophlebitis (inflammation of superficial veins from a blood clot)


N.B. A letter from the doctor may be required before treatment is approved